Sunday, April 20, 2008

Community Cycling Center

Whilst wandering about on Alberta, I am always drawn into the Community Cycling Center. This could be related to several things: I used to be a regular commuting biker, but had to give up the practice in favor of mass transportation; I have volunteered with the CCC, taking donated bikes and converting them to their usable scrap, as well as rebuilding children's bikes for the Holiday Bike Drive; and perhaps because I see the Cycling Center as one of the few newer establishments (1994) that is actively participating in the sustainable growth of the already present community.

I have gotten into contact with Neal, the CCC's volunteer coordinator about volunteering with the CCC, as well as asking if I can make myself a bit of a nuisance around the shop, informally interviewing the customer-base, as well as employees about the neighborhood.

Another little bit of interesting happening for me will be revisiting some old digs. I used to live on 15th, a few blocks south of Prescott, many years ago. I remember while we lived there our neighbors house sold to a middle aged white couple who renovated the house and damn near constantly complained about how dangerous the neighborhood was, but how it was getting better.

I guess they were some of the vanguard of the gentrification.

Further, my brother used to live right on alberta, 22nd I believe, so I'm going to go walk around Alberta with him and see where his memories take us.

I feel like I'm lame not having pictures to put up, but I don't have a digital camera, so my words will have to do I guess...

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